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About 1K

What is 1k?

1k refers to 1000. The k suffix is shorthand for kilo. Other examples include 2k (2,000) and 10k (10,000) and 100k (100,000).
1000k is not common, since this can simply be represented as 1m (or 1 million).

What is 1k money?

1k in the context of money commonly refers to $1k or $1,000, but it can refer to units of other currencies such as £1,000.

What is the 1k.money platform?

1k.money started with a scenario: You have a spare $1k (or $1,000) cash. What assets can you trade this in for a good return? When you consider the huge amount of assets out there, 2 main challenges become apparent:

  1. How do we begin to make sense of the sheer number of assets out there?

    1k.money provides a helping hand by aggregating thousands of assets from several asset classes into the one place.
  2. Once we've decided on an assert to trade, how do we start trading?

    Depending on the asset, there are barriers that we need to cross before we begin trading. For example if we want to trade physical gold, we have to transport and securely store gold. If we want to trade international shares, we have to register as foreign share holders for tax purposes.

    1k.money promotes CFDs (Contracts for Difference) as an effient way to gain exposure to the price of a huge range of assets without physically holding the asset.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CFDs

CFDs can offer several advantages including

CFDs also come with some disadvantages:

Discover new assets with CFDs

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) offer a way to gain exposure to a wide range of assets, including local and international shares, commodities, cryptocurrency and more. With CFDs, you can ride price movements of an asset without physically holding the asset.

If you're looking to trade international shares, CFDs can give you exposure to price movements without the administrative hassle and cost of registering as a foreign stock holder.

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